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post for 22 Oct 2010 by Ben

Music for today: Bedouin Soundclash - May You Be The Road
Weekend's a while ago but I've been busy with Questionable Content lately :)
I made it on the road pretty late on Friday so I was expecting a hard time getting into Leipzig from the last gas station on A9. A quiet prayer later I found myself in Niel's car, who was going to Chemnitz but decided a "small" detour to my parent's village wouldn't cut it. My first direct lift ever! And the last train from Leipzig would have been gone already...
Saturday was spent putting up my dad's old heavy scaffolding on the barn - a bit of a challenge since my muscles weren't really prepared to lift parts up standing on level 2, but everything went well. Subsequently I visited my grannies and the old guy across the street. My mum's mum is such a wonderful old person. She really gives me hope for being a cool person at old age.
After a fun Sunday evening with Anne, Clemens & Co. and messing around with Anne's Kubuntu (I regret recommending KDE!) I went to Clemens' hearing on Monday morning. What a joke, he and others are charged with attempted aggravated assault just for trying to walk out an (illegal!) police kettling. Clemens got punched in the face and one of the other guys doesn't even remember anything since he was beaten up so badly that he woke up in hospital. While Clemens flew in all the way from Ireland, the pig witnesses didn't bother to show up. What would result in a fine for any normal citizen just let the court to delay the case until March 2011. I wasn't overly surprised but the solidarity and defense organisation was amazing.
After realising on my way to Grunewald that I suffered from a terrible winter depression I'm feeling much better now and some things seem to fall into place.
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